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I decided to write a blog in English, because you know that’s my second language now. So I will do an effort to write it... yes yes In English...
Yesterday I didn’t do much at work, like usual. And today there’s no different day either... I have to sit at the reception today, but just for a few hours and then I can go to the archive room again, ow happy joy joy... Oh well, I’m used to it actually, but I hope I can do some different stuff. They know where I am so they just have to ask me. Because I’m done with asking! Really... because when I ask for other work I get the crappy ones. I really like it here and the people that work here but it’s a pity that I don’t learn anything. That was the idea for the internship after all or not?
Yesterday night I didn’t do much, I iron my clothes, talked to some friends from Belgium on the phone. It was nice to hear them again. I had a long talk with my landlady and she said that my English was improved. If my writing is, that’s a whole other department. LOL.
I have like NO inspiration to write something down, because I didn’t do anything exciting. Tonight I’m going to stay home as well. I’m like addicted to series and I’m looking to The Vampire Diaries.
This weekend we go out again, because it’s our last full weekend here in London, and I think we are going out with a part of the group. That would be really nice, because last weekend I really had a good time with them.
I’m going to stop nagging because that’s like the only thing I’m doing right now.
So for all the people who took the time to read this SORRY for wasting your time ; -))
Sincerely Kathy

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